Monday, January 28, 2008

The Irish regiment Claire has the dubious honor of being the first regiment in the service of the throne of St. Maurice. Dubious because the men or Erin never let the locals forget that their country owes it's independence to the rambunctious Wild Geese. Formed in 1724 (MY 1974), these sons of the old sod have taken part in all but one of His Majesty's altercations, and remain the most feared troops in the battle line. Irish to a man, the regiment has done more to expand an appreciation for Guinness on the continent, than any other single entity.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Navarre - Currently composing one half of the Brigade I "Les Anciens," Navarre represents one of the oldest infantry regiments in the army. It's colorful history can be traced to approximately the end of April 1727 (MY 1977), and has the honor to be the only regiment to participate in some capacity, in every battle fought by the army of St. Maurice, including the first ever engagement fought by members of the Seven Year's War Association. The fact that the regiment is composed almost exclusively of convicted criminals, and suffers some of the greatest losses under fire, has suggested that His Majesty may have found a rather creative method of "thinning the herd" so to speak. To date, His Majesty has not found the time to deny such allegations, although he fully intends to (...just as soon as he can think of something).