Thursday, March 27, 2008

Loncheney Hussars - Recruited from some of the more questionable regions of the vast Austrian empire, the Loncheney Hussars are the first light cavalry regiment of l'Armie de St. Maurice. Here, we see the boys parading in royal review, with their colonel Tepps taking the salute of His Majesty. Holding with the tradition of the cavalry, the hussars have yet to win so much as a fist fight. They do look good however, and in St. Maurice that certainly must count for something.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

A New Reorganization - St. Maurice is in the process of reorganizing it's troops. Here, the regiment Maison Du Roi is formed in battalion line with each of it's three companies represented by a single stand of 16 privates, and officer or NCO, and a drummer. The color party is mounted separately, with the King's color on the left (as you look at it), the regimental color on the right, and flanked by NCOs. The colonel's stand and quartermaster's stand are also separate and round out the battalion/ regiment. This new organization makes the movement of large numbers of figures much easier, but keeps the flavor of the OSW that we have come to know and love. Maison du Roi is the only guards regiment in the army of St. Maurice. Formed in the year 1726 (MY 1976), they have become the centerpiece of the Household Legion, which is also composed of the converged grenadiers, Les Gendarmere de St. Maurice, and the Guards Artillery. It probably says a great deal about the military philosophy of St. Maurice that the regiment has never distinguished itself in the passage of arms. This may also explain the otherwise enigmatic logo found on the national color; Quando Omni Funcus Moritati ("When all else fails play dead").