Monday, June 9, 2008

Enter the ladies - This week's entry is the Regiment St. Germain. The regiment's recruitment comes mainly from the German speaking populace of of St. Maurice near the border with Alsace-Lorraine as well as foreign expatriates from the north. One of the older line regiments, approximately 29 years of active service as of this Summer, St. Germain is paired with Claire to form the army's second brigade "Les Etranger."
As an added bonus this week, may I introduce the first of the Vivandiere, this is Hildegarde von Rottenfartz ("Tilly" to the men). I don't know; there's something about a woman in a red dress........ (sigh!).

Monday, June 2, 2008

Les Chevaliere de Rohan-Soubise - Yet another cavalry regiment, Rohan-Soubise represents the newest of the heavy cavalry regiments. Formed this last Winter, it, along with FitzAndrew's Horse, form the first heavy cavalry brigade. Rohan-Soubise, along with Les Chevaliere d'Isembourg, are true line cavalry regiments, and not to be confused with dragoons (His Majesty is waiting patiently for a really nice miniature in the fatigue bonnet that will sit well on a Stadden horse). More later on Rohan-Soubise as they cover themselves with glory......, and bandages no doubt. Oh by the way, the bugler is a conversion of the Stadden cavalry trooper, and not available commercially. Coming soon; the Vivandiere!