Sunday, July 11, 2010

A New Regiment and a Milestone turned - I have been delinquent from these pages for too much time. Long story short, the needs of the "real world" have superceded those of this imaginary one. While we are on this subject I would like to wish you all well. Our world is changing rapidly, and little for the better. I hope you are all safe and well. Enough!

His majesty announces the muster of the fourth regiment under the new two-battalion organization. This is the regiment La Marne and if the eagle-eyed viewer notices a slight difference in the coat color between the first and second battalion please understand that indigo is a damned difficult color to match in St. Maurice. In truth it is the result of painting the two battalions almost twenty years apart.
The only line regiment currently serving in the blue coat, the
regiment was originally to be a naval combat unit until someone
let it slip to His Majesty that St. Maurice was a land-locked country. Almost immediately the regimental name was changed
from La Marine to La Marne, and the troops were sent on their first 50 mile march.

The regiment serves with the Dauphin regiment, forming the St. Maurice Brigade III "Les Paysans," a title seldom used by the officers and men of the brigade themselves. The completion of
this regiment and brigade is a milestone in the development of the
St. Maurice might of arms as this is essentially the halfway mark for painting and mounting the
troops of the army. I currently have some 5 cavalry regiments (about 145 men all ranks) 4 infantry regiments (524 men all ranks) and 4 artillery batteries. Add to that 2 household battalions, abattalion of light infantry and a half-battalion of engineers, the total number of fighting men is approximately 800. The majority of these remain Suren and Stadden.
(coming soon - Maison du Roi........finally! )