Friday, November 21, 2008

Hovels and Ruins and Shelters, oh my - My friend Gary suggested that I post some photos of the structures we've created over the past couple of years for our wargames table. I constructed the majority of the buildings using block molds created by Hirst Arts Fantasy Archetecture. No links, but the web address is:

I highly recommend them to any wargamer wanting to punch up the look of the table top. In addition to the blocks, the buildings are almost exclusively with a craft item called Skinny Sticks and the adhesive of choice is Aleene's Tacky Glue. Both products can be purchased in Walmart, or any craft store. Ok, here are pictures of some of the stuff we use:

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Now THAT'S a Regiment! - In accordance with His Majesty's Summer decree, all line regiments in the army of St. Maurice will reorganize in the continental style. Each will be composed of two battalions plus one understrength company of grenadiers, permanently detached to the Battalion of Converged Grenadiers and part of the Household Legion.
As might be expected, Clare was first to expand it's numbers (it's simply never difficult to recruit Irishmen into a fight). The gentleman to the far right in the picture (at the end of the second battalion), is the sub-Colonel commanding the second battalion. A close look will also show that the second ba
ttalion marches with the royal standard and the Colonel's color for the Clare Regiment, while the first marches with the royal and the regimental colors. When I began to develop the army of St. Maurice, I wanted about 1000 infantry. As my little state is truly little, it never made much sense to create a lot of regiments, so I've opted for what you see here. There will be eight regiments, each of two battalions. Don't know how it will fight, but it sure does look good to me!

Next report: Another Battle