Saturday, December 22, 2007

Gendarmere de St. Maurice

This unit has the distinction of being the oldest regiment of horse in the army, taking the field for the first time in 1726 (mundane year 1976). At that time, they sported red coats and were known as Maria Catherina's Horse Guards. It was thought that the red coats may have attracted a little too much attention from opposition artillery. It was almost two years after first taking the field that the regiment was finally able to survive bombardment long enough to actually close with the enemy. They managed to lose that engagement also.
The high command, in a noble if misguided attempt to change the fortunes of the horsemen, re-named the unit and changed the coat color to yellow. To this day, their morale continues to live up to their coat color. For all of it's lackluster history, the Gendarmere are the oldest mounted unit in St. Maurice, and currently remain the only cavalry component among the brigade of guards. Their organization has become the standard for all cavalry regiments, and consists of:
1. Colonel - currently Guy-Henri Count Muskatelle
2. 1 Trumpeter
3. 1 Regimental Standard/Guidon (in St. Maurice these two devices amount to the same thing).
4. 2 Additional officers.
5. 24 Troopers.

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