Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ye Gods and Little Fishes...

It's been almost a month-and-a-half since my last update. Where does the time go. In my scramble to catch up, I'm going to try to add another update sometime in the next two weeks. I know; good intentions (sigh!). Well, let's go...

FitzAndrew's Horse - This is my newest cavalry regiment, FitzAndrew's Horse, or as they are referred to by the rest of the army, "Les Cuirassiers Gris," or "The Grey Cuirassiers." They have no combat history to speak of, although a squadron of the cuirassiers did supplement the Gendarmere at the Battle of Hilton Heights this past Winter. Commanded by that notorious Scottish expatriate Charles, Edward, Thomas, Robert, William, Malcolm Stewart, to date no one in St. Maurice has any idea just what the Scotsmen are saying, assuming they are actually attempting to communicate at all. More on the highland horsemen as their adventure unfolds.


abdul666 said...

Proud they look, anyway, and more than able to attract the attentions and heart of many a maiden and lady.
And *this* is a matter of uttermost importance, at least in French-speaking lands - take the word of a Monte-Cristan on it!

justMike said...

As I consider us Francophonic allies, I will let you in on a little secret. In the over all chain of command in St. Maurice, His Majesty's tailor is considered second only to the members of the royal family. If you don't look good, there's no point in going to war. Nice hearing from you again.


Bluebear Jeff said...


Please don't wait so long before your next update. And, hopefully, you will have some more photos to inspire us.

-- Jeff

Der Alte Fritz said...

I'm guessing that the figures are Old Glory Fitzjames Horse riders seated on Stadden horses, n'est ce pas?