Sunday, September 21, 2008

We're Baaaaaaaaaaak - Well, after a much needed vacation, the entire army of St. Maurice has returned to quarters (minus the Fromage Regiment, and the less said about that little incident the better). His Majesty's forces have already locked horns with their traditional adversary, Ardoberg-Holstein. Glorious results but no camera to record for posterity, so you'll simply have to take my word for it............................. (come on guys, please!).
Ok, so no battle pictures yet, then back to the forces in detail.

Kilbasa Light Horse - Like all the light horsemen serving with the forces de St. Maurice, the lancers are not native to the country. They are in fact Polish, and led by Count Stanislau Kilbasa, an itenerate Ukranian adventurer and nerdowell. Rumor has it that the count (title has never been confirmed) secured a hefty sum to provide cavalry to His Majesty's forces. He then disappeared back to Poland (much to the shagrin of Polish authorities) and scoured every jail and mental institution until he secured what he considered to be "the best of the best" for his regiment. Voting is still out on this as, to date, they have yet to find their way back to St. Maurice.
The figures are old 30mm Mini Figs from a limited range they produced back in the 70's, and the horses, of course, are Stadden. I know the uniform style of the lancers is more in line with a Napoleonic army than anything approaching the 1750's. In fact, my dragoons (yet to be developed) may also be a closer facimility of the later period. I simply don't know yet. St. Maurice is after all an imagi-nation, that at this point may have more in common with Gilbert & Sullivan than Frederick the Great. Vive la Self-Indilgence!


Bluebear Jeff said...

Welcome back.

-- Jeff

Frankfurter said...

You're recruiting Polish Hussies, eh?
Quite sporting, Quite Sporting.
Perhaps the local magistrates can be persuaded to allow them to complete their travels?

Fitz-Badger said...

Welcome back! Can we look forward to pictures of the troops when you have them all painted?

justMike said...

Thanks guys. Nice being back. Yes, I think we can expect the lancers in St. Maurice sometime over the next few weeks (although it may be more a matter of extradition as anything else). Pictures of all the troops as they currently exist, are available for viewing on the OSW site pictures section. Look for St. Maurice. I will certainly update these (on this site) as I get them completed. Thanks again.


A J Matthews said...

Welcome back. Nice to see another gamer not afraid to use some Napoleonic figures out of time. ;)

abdul666 said...

Maybe, if you use Napoleonic dragoons for your Lace Wars St. Maurice, it would be worth the extra effort to file down the peaks of their helmets (& shorten the plume?): this would make them looking easily 1/2 century 'earlier'.