Sunday, August 2, 2009

Battle of Berwyn Hill - In a feeble attempt to make of for my negligence in posting, I return to this blog with pictures and a battle report. It being late summer and there being little to do around the kingdom, His Majesty decided it was time to pay another martial visit on His Grace the Duke of Ardoberg-Holstein. First picture is the opening disposition of the armies about to come to grips:

His Majesty's forces included:

Left Wing - 1st battalion Converged Grenadiers, 1st and 2nd battalions the Irish regiment Clare, a battery of horse artillery, and the light cavalry brigade composed of the Loncheney Hussars and the Kilbasa Lancers.

Center - 1st and 2nd battalion the Grman regiment St. Germain, 1st battalion Navarre, 1st battalion Languedoc, and a battery of line artillery.

Right Wing - 1st battalion Maison du Roi, a battalion of light infantry (Arquebusiers de Bergerac), a battery of the guard artillery, and the heavy cavalry brigade composed of Le Chevaliere de Rohan-Soubise, and FitzAndrew's Horse "The Grey Cuirassiers."

The battle began in the inimitable style of the two adversaries; head-long cavalry charges that virtually destroyed the horsemen for both sides:
Here, the light brigade attempts to dislodge a perfectly healthy line infantry unit with predictable results. The light horsemen never saw turn four.

Combat in the center, however, turned out to be not only bloody, but incredibly valiant. the two battalions of the Clare regiment pressed their attack all day long against the left center of the A-H lines, continually driven off by artillery bombardments. They quit the field after almost six hours of constant fighting. To their right, St. Germain stood steadfast in the face of three battalions of British troops (in the service of A-H. Don't ask me to explain it, because I can't), and were only driven off with the eventual arrival of support artillery and a enemy cavalry threat to their rear.

Long story short, after almost eight hours of actual gaming, the "good guys" were forced to quit the field after the Ardoberger troops had forced a breach in the line to left-center and turned the right flank. Don't worry thought. It's not like this is done!


Bluebear Jeff said...

Welcome back after too long an absence. It sounds like you all had fun. A nice account.

-- Jeff

abdul666 said...

Thanks for the eye-candy!
You should post horrendeously biased battle reports, to push His Grace the Duke of Ardoberg-Holstein to open his own blog...
Good to have you back,

tidders said...

Nice to see those lovely 'big battalion' sized units in action.

Looks like you had a plenty of fun

-- Allan

Frankfurter said...

Besides, given the enforced alliance with Frankszonia (Gen. Broglie and 35,000 Gallians insist!), you should be able to recoup quickly and return to the fray.

BTW, those are nice paint jobs on the buildings.

Archduke Piccolo said...

Beautiful, beautiful armies...