Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rabble In Arms - Like many i have succumb to the temptation to purchase a couple of boxes of the new Wargames factory War of Spanish Succession infantry. If you'd like I'll try to explain the reasoning, but the truth is I simply couldn't help myself.
That said, I needed to rationslise a unit in my Seven Years War era ImagiNation Dressed as the army would have looked 50 years earlier. After a moment or two however, voila the St. Maurice North Eastern Militia. The need for militia being a foregone conclusion in St. Maurice, His Majesty was perfectly content to allow them to cavort in combat in their quaint civilian garb. The problem arose when it was brought to his attention that none of his general staff would be seen on the field of battle with "peasants and goose herders" per Marshal Neigh. If that be the case, then there was nothing left but to procure the appropriate panopoly, and the Loncheney Hussars were immediately sent off to steal them from the Spanish (who weren't using them anyway).

Organization is much the same as the line regiments except that the militia will fight and shoot at a minus on the die roll.
If you haven't had the opportunity to work with these lovely little figures, please make it a priority at some point to do so. I'm sure that if I weren't so firmly into Stadden and Surens, I'd be incluned to build my entire army around them.


tradgardmastare said...

Splendid fellows indeed!

tidders said...

Nice regiment

I have a battalion of Wargames factory WSS infantry - they don't look out of place with my other units. I found them a bit fiddly to assemble but worth the effort. WSS Cavalry are now available - I may be tempted

-- Allan

Michael Mathews said...

Great minds thinking alike and all that. I bought several boxes off eBay on the cheap side and plan to field a pair of garrison militia regiments for my imagi-nation. These look very nice. Better than my first efforts.