Saturday, January 17, 2009

Zombies - Episode 2; Just a Walk In The Park - When last we saw our intrepid adventurers, they had managed to extricate themselves from the Winery/Tavern with evidence of potential poisoning which seemed to result in the entire population of the village of Chagrin being changed into zombies. After leaving the tavern, Sgt. McLaughlin forms his men up. "We've but to make it back to the castle and our problems are solved. The colonel has moved the entire regiment to bivouac there, and awaits only our evidence to march the darlin's through this hovel like crap through a goose!" Sergeants sometimes talk that way.
The men set out for the only bridge crossing the tiny but truculent Pissoir river, and almost immediately come under attack from itinerant undead, searching for food, shelter, and a little loose change. All were dispatched posthaste although the good sergeant did manage to be bitten a couple of times before blowing his opponent's head off. As the party reached the roadways convergence with the main highway, calls for help could be heard to the east. Virgil, the blacksmith, was still hale and healthy, and fighting for his life in his smithy. Escape was to the west, but self-preservation not withstanding, the valiant Irishmen charged the zombie onslaught, killing all and rescuing the giant St. Mauricier. The good sergeant was nibbled on yet again, and this time the results were less than stellar. "I'm for it lads. Don't wait for me," he called after his troops, who were rapidly putting as much distance between themselves and him as possible. When the reports were taken, each to a man expressed concern than the NCO would himself turn into a zombie, and thus pose a threat to them and their mission. Truth be told, each owed the sergeant money and had no problem taking advantage of his little inconvenience to make life a bit easier.
The troop was attacked again in front of the church, and this is the location where Sgt. Mclaughlin met his end. Further fighting at the bridge, and yet twice more in the forest beyond, proved inconsequential, and the party arrived safely and intacked at the castle. Unfortunately, a rather extensive search established that absolutely no one was currently occupying the fortress. Acting Corporal O'Tool found a note attached to the door of the keep, which appeared to be written in their colonel's hand. It read, "Gone for Guinness. Back soon. Keep an eye on the place. Sincerely
, Seamus.
"Well, what do we do now?" The newly appointed (self-appointed) corporal was perplexed.
"Not for nothin'," ch
imed in McGillicutty, "but I know of a barrel of the local squeezin's tucked away in the lower regions of this place. It isn't Irish, but it'll do!" They all agreed, and set off for the basement.
Stay tuned for Episide 3: O, You Take The High Road, And I'll Take...


Frankfurter said...

Now WHERE is that bloody regiment?

PS: I notice that on Grand Map 7, the Kingdom of St. Maurice is in the area south of the Main also ruled in part from Frankfurt ... ergo a neighbor to Frankszonia ...
Would you like to get a proxy situation going?
Maybe a zombie regiment or two versus some Frankfurters (who only SMELL like zombies?)

Frankfurter said...

I got your response ... I forgot what the zombies smelled like, but spoiled snails are quite distinct!
anyway, blogger makes direct response for me difficult (sigh)
so my addy is in case the return addy gets stripped from your email too.

I'd suggest we start a story line about a border incursion of zombies, which Frankszonia doesn't realize were zombies and interpets as an incursion by St. Maurice ... until we get to know things better! LOL