Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bigger Really is Better - Here are a couple of photos of the newly formed St. Maurice Brigade II "Les Etrangier," complete with it's artillery battery and it's Brigadier (Gen. Muscatelle). I may have confused some frequenters of this site earlier when I first displayed the Clare Regiment in it's new two-brigade form. The two brigades will operate separately in all campign games, and are certainly not tactically tied on the battle field. When all is complete, there will be 4 such brigades, as well as the Household Legion. The collection, once complete, will number some 1000 infantry, 250 cavalry, and 12 guns, along with support personnel. So far, we're off to a flying start.


abdul666 said...

Now *THAT'S* a brigade!

I'm sure the men of Claire envy their brothers of St. Germain for their comely vivandiere Hildegarde von Rottenfartz. No ‘lady in red’ for them?

Looking forward for enjoying the eye-candy of the next brigade.


tidders said...

An impressive array of arms.

-- Allan

abdul666 said...

Actually re. your Zombies games: a relevant posts on TMP: Eureka100 minis and 'weird' FIW
and also a French project (SYW with 'Frei Corpses' rather than frei Korps)...
Great minds think alike!