Sunday, February 22, 2009

His Majesty Louis-Philippe confers with one of his top military advisers (his hairdresser) regarding the escalating disagreement with Frankzonia. When presented with word that their prince believed the zombie excuse was ridiculous and a simple abrogation of the St. Maurice responsibilities in the region, His Majesty said, "But of course! What is it this petty prince would have me do? Brave the cold and march all that way? For what? I could get hurt. Worse yet, I could get cold! These zombies appear to be attracted to the heat, and there is more heat in Frankzonia certainly than in St. Maurice. ........oh, and as for the zombies? Ask the prince to send them back home when they are well."


Frankfurter said...

Having been trapped outside of Frankszonia by the sudden onset of a major ice storm, and then delayed in his return by a serious illness of his mother in law, The Hurtshog has returned to his capital to oversee the continued strengthening of his southern border.
The troops there report finding more destroyed farms, but the enemy has proven skillfull in evading their patrols.
Worse yet, there are reports that the poor farmers and their families were mutilated. There are even rumors of cannibalism! These atrocities must be halted! His Majesty Louis-Philippe must be brought to a sense of his responsibilities!

MurdocK said...

So the troops are getting lined up for this battle now.

All that remains from me is to know what the St Maurice flags look like (just so that I can 'spruce up' my troops and make it even more of an experience for you).