Thursday, December 16, 2010

What's In A Name - For years, His Benevolent Majesty has allowed the villages and towns along the frontier to operate according to their own whims providing of course, that approximately a third of their annual income manage to find it's way into the St. Maurice national treasury (in other words, his royal back pocket). The village of Vichyssoise was one of these. The villagers (largely Germanic, but otherwise good practicing Catholics) would enthusiastically celebrate His Majesty's birthday with a lovely little ceremony they referred to as a "roast," culminating in the burning of a dressed pig in effigy.

Imagine His Highness' severe disappointment when, upon reports that the army of Ardoberg-Holstein had been sighted, the village to a man changed the name to Lesser Horkheimer, donned leiterhossen, and began boiling sauerkraut. Within hours, His Majesty's forces were in full struggle with those of the Grand Duck (sic) and before the sunset what villagers remained who could still consume food were happily eating snails.

This little battle included something around 1400 miniatures, including a massive (by our standards) cavalry battle with 11 cavalry regiments (6 for the good guys and 5 for ...that German person). Enjoy the photos.

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abdul666 said...

An impressive display of flamboyant units, an enjoyable and humorous report: thanks for sharing -and it's good to have you posting again!
(stimulated by the competition from Ardoberg-Holstein?).


Die alte Aechzener said...

Splendid chaps, simply splendid. And those damn frogeaters look quite sharp too, even with the couture cut of their jackets. Let us devoutly hope that the forces of True Germanic rule manage to erase the memory of insect-devouring on their next outing!

Altho I was distressed to see the good Holsteiners have eschewed the One True Cola and have deviated into Pepsi-ism.

Gary said...

As the only newspaper in Ardoberg-Holstein the Ardoberg Enquirer has secured an exclusive interview with the Elector Fredrich Wilhelm. "We let the San Mauricians win at Lesser Horkheimer" said the Great Man. "It's all part of a plan that's too difficult to explain to one not schooled in the Art of War. And please stop eating all the candied cabbage squares. Those were put out for everyone, not just you. Now, as far as our mobilization for the coming campaign goes, we have not yet
Continued on page 11.